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Hoboken, New Jersey Train Crash: Deaths, Severe injuries, Near Miss Disaster


In horror news of a train crash today, several sources have so far reported a varying one to three deaths recorded and about 100 others seriously injured.


The train mayhem which happened in Hoboken, NJ, across the Hudson river from New York city was said to have broken ticket barriers and reception area, crashing into a wall in the railway station and causing part of the building roof to cave in.

Following reports of the crash, a Twitter user by his handle @Mark_Antonious twitted about the near miss he experienced by the Hoboken train crash.

I owe my life to God today. He has a purpose for me. That train missed me by feet! I’m still in shock #hobokenaccident #hoboken, says Mark.

Speaking with BBC correspondence, Mr Mark Cardona was at the platform at the time and the wrecking train missed him by approximately 5 meters

Services out of Hoboken station had been suspended following the crash. More information on the train wreck continues to unfold.

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