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Is Cape Verde A Country? 10 FACTS!

  1. The name ‘Cape Verde’ is named after a Cap Vert, which means Green Capecape-verde-un-ranking


2. According to geography, Cape Verde is a string of 10 Islands located 500 km from the west coast of Africa (Senegal)


3. The Cape Verde archipelago was uninhabited until the 15th century before it was discovered and colonised by Portuguese explorers, and became the first European settlement in the tropics


4. Climate: tropical dry, with two seasons. Capital: Praia. Official language: Portuguese. Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo (CV Esc). Population: Approximately 500,000

5. Cape Verdeans have both African and Portuguese antecedents, making the majority it’s present inhabitants of mixed Portuguese and African ancestry

6. The country was uninhabited until it was discovered in 1456; And in 1495, the Cape Verde Islands became part of the Portuguese empire.

7. Cape Verde gained independence from portugal on 5th July, 1975; and celebrates independence on the same day, annually.

8. Cape Verde has few natural resources: Only five of the ten main Islands (Santiago, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, Fogo, and Brava support agriculture and over 90% of all food consumed in are imported.

9. Cape Verde Island stands among the most democratic nations of the world; ranked at the 31st position according to world democracy index

10. The country is also ranked within top 60% of developed countries in the world, according to United Nations Human Development Index.

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