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Nine Interesting Facts About the Island of Lotus Eaters


1. Djerba is a fascinating Island off the southeast coast of Tunisia, near the Libyan bordercamels-at-jerba-island-tunisia

2. The Island is shaped like a molar tooth


3. Djerba is nicknamed ‘Isle of Forgetfulness’, given a myth that visitors are held spellbound describing its magic halo –  a combination of a clear-blue sky, shining white horses, clean and well kept town’s, tree-covered countryside and warm, yet not too hot climate.

Mediterranean Sea beach at Club Med Djerba La Douce, Djerba Island, Tunisia

4. According to ancient greek mythology, Homer, who was acclaimed as the greatest poet of classical antiquity; Djerba Island is notably referred to in his epic rendition, the Odyssey, as the Island of lotus eatershomer

5. With its independence from French civil administration in 1956 following notorious middle age era of continuous persecutions, conquests, revolts, recon-quests, civil wars, and plagues, Djerba became part of present day Tunisian government.

6. The Island comprises a mix of black African, Turkish, and Maltese original indigenes

7. It homes a proportion of North african Jewish community believed to have dated from after the Babylonian captivity 586 BCEdjerba-people

8. A large population of Djerbians are known to be successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in France and Europe

9. An annual pilgrimage to the Ghriba synagogue in Hara Sghira (one of the Jewish enclaves in Djerba), which marks the Lag BaOmer feast in honor of the second Century Jewish mystic, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai attracts outsiders to the Island. The famous pilgrimage was cancelled tentatively in 2011 and became restored again in May 2016.El Ghriba Synagogue interior, Djerba Island, Tunisia

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