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Unusual Things to do in Ghana this December: Upcoming Festivals


Ghana is located in West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea with a population of approximately 26.4 million. The country’s capital is in Accra, and English language is spoken as the official language. Ghana has several tourist attractions ranging from its famous wildlife, to historical structures, art and vibrant society. There are also great opportunities to witness the many festivals which form part of the country’s identity during a planned trip. The following festivals are usually commemorated during December and Christmas periods and largely spices up the season here in Ghana. Be sure not to miss one of them if you plan a trip to Ghana this holidays.

1. Akwasidae

This ceremony is observed on the 5th day of the 6th week ( during the Akan Month of 42 days) called Kurukwasi. State, town and village rulers and family heads make offerings and prayers to their ancestors. The display of public Dubar and chiefs is an exciting and colorful event held in Kumasi, Ashanti region. Akwasidae is celebrated every 6 weeks to give thanks to the ancestral spirits.




2. Nkyidwo

Nkyidwo festival is celebrated on the last Monday of November through the 1st Monday in December. This festival commemorates the magical birth beliefs of the traditional Ashantis. The traditional Ashantis believe that they were followed from a hole unto earth by a lion and dog to protect them make life more bearable for them on earth. The festival involves the ritual and procession of chiefs on a Saturday. It is held in a Sumeja, at a site in the Asantemanso forest within the Ashanti region.



3. Kwafie Festival

The Kwafie festival begins in November and ends in December during a week-long celebration. It is celebrated in Dormaa Ahenkro, Berekum, and Nsuatre in the brong Ahafo region to commemorate Dormaa ancestors who brought fire to Ghana. This ceremony involves large burn fires using three finest pieces of large logs for purification and the ancestors are worshipped with libation.


4. Feok festival

The Feok festival is an annual festival commemorating the victory of slave raider Babatu. It is held by the people of Sandema in Builsa area of the upper East region of Ghana in December. It is celebrated through the display of war dance by various communities. Traditional head gear is topped with enormous antlers and grand procession of a durber of chiefs climax the event.


5. Gbidukor festival

This is a very colourful festival of pump and pageantry. Chiefs are carried on palanquins with drumming and dancing. The festival commemorates the ancestors of Gbi-Ewes and brought thousands of people annually. It is celebrated between Hohoe and Peki, in the volta regio.


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